Meet Clay

Giving the keynote speech at a women’s even in Antigua, West Indies.


Hello! Welcome. My name is Claytine, aka, Clay. Like my name, I am a pretty moldable and adaptable person. I take life’s challenges head-on and adjust to my circumstances. One thing about me, I never give up!

I have three passions: writing (specifically blogging), women empowerment, and motivating others. I marry all three passions on this, my self-titled internet hub. My hope is that after you read my posts you leave informed, empowered, and inspired.


I am also really proud of that fact that I am a published author. My coming-of-age novel, Life As Josephine, has received great reviews on both the Amazon US and UK sites. Many people are asking for a sequel! Well, I am working on that.

Read more about it here! Thank you in advance for your support!


“I really enjoyed this book. It’s quite an easy read and I feel that the characters are very relatable. Claytine has a lovely skill of allowing a story to unfold and I definitely finished the book wanting to know more about the characters. I was completely invested from beginning to end!” – Tryphena Wade (Amazon, US) 

“Josephine is a smart and sharp young lady who has had experiences that many of us can relate to. As a matter of fact, I saw a lot of myself in Josephine and could draw many parallels with my younger self. When tragedy strikes Josephine’s friend Esther, it is a reminder of the very real issues of abuse victims not only being silenced but also the extra efforts that are made to protect the abuser. That hit home for me on a personal note as I have seen similar situations in my own family. There are a series of letters being read in this story, one of the lines reads “if you let your dreams die, prepare for your own death because you will die right along with them”. I thought that was extremely powerful and profound. There are quite a few lines within this story that will give you pause and cause you to do some introspection. Overall this was a good and quick read highlighting the journey of a young girl, self-love, adversity, and identity.” – Debbie London (Amazon, US)

“A charming coming-of-age novel debuting the feisty and determined young Black girl Josephine. We follow her journey through adolescence as she works out who she is and grapples with some serious issues around race, gender, friendships and natural African hair.
Josephine sparkles with humour as she travels, falls in love and makes decisions about her future, along with meeting a host of interesting characters along the way.
I really want to know what the next chapter of her life will be, because one thing’s for certain- Josephine is clearly going places!” – Bida (Amazon, UK)


Other passions include food and travel. The ultimate success would be traveling around the world as a food journalist and eating various foods like Andrew Zimmern. I would have to pass on some though, lol!