Not Being Predefined, My Commitment To Blogging |Starting A Second Blog For My Book

Well, folks I have been pretty consistent with blogging since I made the commitment to do so in the last couple of weeks in December. I have committed to one post a week and the week that I missed I wrote two blogs to make up for it. That’s devotion, right? For those of us who blog pretty regularly and also have a day job, it’s not an easy task. Especially if you are trying your best to produce content worth reading. Some may say that posting once a week is not regular. Well my friend, for me it is.

If keeping up to date with this blog was not enough, I have decided to start a second blog. It is entitled Life As Josephine, Musings For Women and Girls. It shares the name of my coming of age novel, Life As Josephine, and the reason I started it is because I thought it would be a great way to not only promote my book but to have the public peek into its pages and garner first hand the messages and themes I intended to convey in writing it. Those messages and themes include comradery, mentorship, women’s empowerment, and the like. Great idea, no?

Life As Josephine Banner5

Life As Josephine, Musings For Women and Girls


I have a vision for my life and I am willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. Yes, I can do a lot more. I know I need to make more of a presence on social media to really put myself out there. It’s hard because I am not a Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter person. However, I am going to work on being more consistent on Twitter and get an Instagram going. I highly doubt you will see me on Snapchat.

Anyway, with that being said, I would be most happy if you take a gander over to my second blog home by clicking this link and reading my newest post I Will Not Be Predefined|Living Life Outside The Box.


Thank You To Those Who Have Purchased My Inspirational Novel , Life As Josephine. It has been met with great reviews on the on both the Amazon US and UK sites!

Order Your Copy Today on Amazon or Kindle! 



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