When Purpose Meets Blogging |A Focus On Woman’s Empowerment

Although I started this blog a few years ago (and I have had other blogs as well), this blog is in the beginning stages of its consistency. My blog has an inspirational theme as regular visitors may notice. That’s because I really love to uplift people (and myself). However, there is a sector of society (all societies) that I love to inspire the most, and that is the female sector. For about two decades now I have been involved in women empowerment in one aspect or another. As of late a lot of it has been reflected in Violence Against Women Awareness Advocacy.

I also believe that woman empowerment includes men.

I feel real empty when one aspect of my life is not fully committed to women causes. I call myself an “Ujima Woman” because I believe strongly in the principle of women, women organizations, and women businesses working together and empowering each other. For this reason, I must stay true to the title of this blog and commit this blog to my true calling in life, and that is women’s empowerment. The blog will undergo some content change and cosmetic change over time. However, the theme will remain motivating and uplifting but many of my article will include awareness and causes that concerns women.

Ujima is a Kwanzaa principle that means “Collective Work & Responsibility”: “To build and maintain our community together and to make our Brother’s and sister’s problems, our problems and to solve them together.”

I also believe that woman empowerment includes men. Men are a great force for effectual change, whether it is open advocacy, the raising of their boy and girl children to respect each other and other human beings or calling out wrong actions towards women by their peers. With this said, I hope that I not only gain more women followers but male followers too.

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