When you’re feeling the worst is when you should give it your best! Aka: Keep working on your goals and doing what inspires you

This week is not exactly the best week for me. I am sorta a prisoner of my home; by choice. I don’t feel so great, also by choice (sometimes we find comfort in our misery). I also don’t feel particularly enthused to do one dag gone thing! I”m keeping it real here. Even when most of your content (on your blog, on your YouTube channel, on your Instagram, etc.) is particularly ‘positive’ there are times you are not in a Mary Poppins’ mood and you have to be honest with your audience.

mary poppins

Tea is my addiction of choice, so this pic is definitely refreshing 🙂

My thoughts have not been very constructive these last few days and I have been drooping around. I am human and I will have my moments, however, a few minutes ago I decided to get my butt up, head to my blogging station, and start writing! In my stupor, I was thinking of what to write for this week’s post. I was not going to let my mood deter me from my commitment to posting at least once a week. NO WAY! I am not writing what I planned to write originally, but this post is the more appropriate one anyway.

Maybe us writers won’t always get the grammar right, however, if writing is (or is becoming) your saving grace then use it as your weapon!



Writing is what you have to do when you are feeling shitty. Being honest, even for  inspirational bloggers, is going to be our medicine, our psychotherapy, and in my case, equivalent to a nice hot cup of tea. So I encourage you to write through the pain, the mood, the depression, and the anxiety.

On top of writing, another thing to really kick the aforementioned symptoms swiftly in the head is to start working, keep working on, and/or stick to your goals. I have some plans for my life and when I am in a crappy mood my thoughts tend to get clouded with hopeless thoughts. I allow my current mood to doubt what are very real and attainable possibilities in my life. Well nope! That is not going to happen this time around. I am going to use these swift-moving fingers on this keyboard and call myself out right now! I will push forward, I will practice what I preach, I will persevere.






So here are some goals/projects I am either in the process of working on/doing or plan to start doing in the very near future. I am putting them out there so I can be held accountable to myself and to you.

  1. Keep posting a blog once a week. Last week I posted not one, but two times! 😛
  2.  Research, write screenplay, market, and plan execution for the web series for my book.
  3. Establish and build my brand.
  4. Establish multiple streams of income that will allow me to work for myself and travel.

When you’re feeling the worst is when you should give it your best!

Those are the projects/goals that I have for my life currently. They are long term so they are more than enough for me to focus on right now.

Maybe writing is not your saving grace. However, whatever it is, when you’re feeling the worst is when you should give it your best! Don’t give up on yourself. As corny as it sounds, ‘you are usually the only one you have’.

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