Get Inspired, Create A Blogging Station|My Pallet Office Desk

pinterest bloggin station

My pallet office desk featured above.

Most of us write our blogs informally on our favorite couch with a cup of tea to hand, trying not to spill it on our computer keyboard and have to go over a year to get a new one, right? OH, sorry, I’m back with you now. I was having a bad memory! Yes, so it’s cool to be comfortable when you are being creative, right? However, at times you want to feel real official, business-like even, and you seat yourself in front of a computer desk tapping away at your laptop trying to meet your personal deadline. You avoid all eye contact with the said couch knowing that if you dare venture over, instead of your computer screen you will be staring at the back of your eyelids, missing your deadline.

Comfort is important. Who wants to be sitting on a hard chair, back hurting, and feet numb when you are writing the ‘best post you ever wrote in your life’?! However, it is pretty cool to those who are (now) taking blogging seriously to have a really nice area designated to feel inspired and important. Kinda like we are going to our office, even if it’s in the other room or just across from your bed.


Source: Pinterest (The inspiration for my pallet office table which is featured above.)

A blogging station, aka table with a chair, a laptop and a few sticky notes, aka office (for the heavy hitters), etc., is pretty cool. And in my case is even cooler because my blogging station is a re-purposed pallet, treated, sanded, varnished, and painted. The pure creativity of this pallet computer table inspires me to be creative. I live in a studio apartment and I wanted to have something in my home that was a designer’s original, and did not take up too much space in my small living area. I believe this really did the trick. The image above is what inspired my office table/blogging station. I asked the man who constructed it to add some extra storage shelves for books, etc. He did just that and I have been told mine looks better than the image from Pinterest. LOL! What are your thoughts?!

To say the least, I am very happy with my blogging station. This post was typed beginning to end at my station and I would like to add that my chair is quite comfortable.  How about you? Do you have an official blogging station? Do you think it makes a difference? The truth of the matter is that anywhere you rest your bottom and your laptop can be your blogging station.

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7 thoughts on “Get Inspired, Create A Blogging Station|My Pallet Office Desk

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      1. Thanks. I saw what you just mentioned, that it doesn’t show fully so I just put it inside the post so people can see the entire image. Thanks so much. If you didn’t comment I would not have realized it!

      2. Yup, much better. It’s possibly to do with pixel-size of your photo. I find if I don’t scale down my images to around 800/900 ish, they don’t show up fully as the featured image. I use an app on my phone to do it, there are loads to choose from.

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