Becoming A Better Me: Steps We Can Take For Our Self-Development

New Year, New You? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. I have also seeing quotes like “Be the best version of you”. These are catchy, they look good as our whatsapp display pics, shared on Facebook, and as our newest post on Instagram. However, it takes a lot more than posting a quote in one of our optimistic moments to begin construction on the imperfect beings that we all are.

The process starts with chiseling away at the core of who we are. and asking those important questions: Who am I? Am I the best I can be? Sometimes these questions are daunting because many of us don’t like who we are or what we have become so we avoid ‘facing ourselves’. Well, it’s time to face yourself. 

As I have matured in life, aka adulting, I have convinced myself that I can always be a better version of myself. Right now, from that process of self-development, I think I am a pretty decent person. However, there is always room for improvement. I think you can agree that there may be some room for improvement in your life too. Am I right?

I am no expert,… yet. 🙂 However, I know people and my degree track in college (BA in Sociology) has framed my thinking in a lot of ways. Hence, I can confidently say that many of us are walking around, void. A shell of who we can be(come). I have found that in my life, there are a few things that have worked in my continual journey in self-development and becoming a better me. I list three of them below.

Being Committed – I find that being committed to something is one of the best ways to becoming a better you. Everyone, even a child, has some level of responsibility. Whether that responsibility is a result of something that has been put on us by some entity in our lives, i.e. our jobs. Or maybe it’s a responsibility we have created based on a passion we pursue. For instance, blogging.

I haven’t heard of any cases where someone put a gun to anyone’s head and told them    “Blog, or you’re dead meat.” Hence, many of us find ourselves in this world in which we write something we hope someone, anyone will read and appreciate. However, many of us, have not been as committed to the process as we should. I am guilty of this very deed. However, I know for a fact that being committed to something is one of the best and full proof ways in becoming a better you.

Blogging consistently is actually a new commitment for me. (Yes, I have been consistent in the past for short periods. However, this time around I have a clearer vision about where I want my blog to go so it is easier this time around.) I am purposely mentioning it even though it is in its early stages because I want to be held accountable. I now think of this blog as my part-time job. I am not making any money off of it…. yet. However, I think I have some pretty important things to say and when I put my mind to it, I am a pretty decent writer. Heck, I even wrote a book. LOL! So, I have renewed my commitment to this blog. However, I am realistic this time. I believe in being realistic when you set goals because if you overexert yourself, you will most likely quit. Well, in my case at least that’s what happens. I talk about being realistic in setting goals in an article I wrote about self-love (the section where I discuss “creating healthy habits”). Sooooooo, my current commitment is one post a week. Plus, I even have a blog manifesto coming soon!

This has nothing to do with the new year. As I stated in a previous post, I am not really big on new year’s resolutions. I made the commitment several weeks before the new year. There are other things I said I would do and so far so good. I have confidence in myself that they will continue to be good, and better, and great!

becoming a better you

Be Kind – Trust me, for those people who find it hard to be nice, it won’t kill you. Statistics show that many of the people currently living in the world are kind people. Living meaning, not dead. If you are struggling in this area, this is probably where you should start on your journey towards becoming a better you.

If your kindness level is at an all-time low, try to start with a smile. Curbing your lips in an upward direction is a sure fire way to becoming a better you. If you have a kindness quotient already you can improve on this by extending yourself and offering your help, by giving of yourself. Whether it be helping someone with an assignment, helping the neighbor clean their garage, or volunteering with a local, national, or international organization. Also, when you are kind to those who don’t deserve it, you are really getting somewhere!

…whatever that ‘it’ is, you have to let go in order to make YOUR life better.

Forgive and Let Go Of The PAST – I know it hurts. However, whatever that ‘it’ is, you have to let go in order to make YOUR life better. I know they wronged you, but don’t let their ill will against you cause you to sink deeper into a dark place. Cry, shout (at the wall, or mirror), or buy yourself some nice things (without breaking the bank, or thinking that things will be the answer to the pain). However, when push comes to shove, know that forgiveness (notice I didn’t say forget(ness) and letting go is the key to getting rid of the burden that the pain has caused. Once that heavy load is lifted you will feel renewed and this revived sense of self is already a better version of who you once were.

The list could really go on and on, however, I decided to start with the basics. I believe that these are areas most people can relate to. If you start with these then you are well on your way to becoming a better you. LET’S DO THIS!

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