Self-Love Is The Best Love: 6 Benefits To Loving Yourself 1st

Though some strong-willed individuals may deny it, most people have a strong desire to be loved. More often than not, it’s the romantic type of love that we desire the most. We struggle with loneliness and the desire for companionship. Romance is not everyone’s struggle though. For some people, this deficiency is in the familial unit and/or within the friendship circle, or lack thereof. For others it’s a combination of all three. We are often left with a feeling of being unfulfilled when key players in our lives hurt us, reject us, and do not fulfill our preconceived notions on how the relationship (whatever type) should play out.

self-love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

Oftentimes the issue is that we have mastered putting people’s love in front of a very important component; loving ourselves. Self-love is the best love.  It is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Mastering appreciating how important you are to yourself is one of the wisest life decisions you can make because it shapes your thinking and your thinking determines your life’s path. In addition, it also comes with amazing benefits.

1) You Forgive Yourself 

Life can hit you hard and you sometimes make decisions that you regret making. You may open doors that lead you to be hurt by others and then kick yourself for permitting the situation to evolve as it did. This happens to many people. However, those who truly love and appreciate themselves bounce back quicker. They accept their human nature, learn from the situation, and are willing and able to forgive themselves.

2) You Set Boundaries 

If you have had to forgive yourself, one, two, or fifty times you will appreciate the factor of setting boundaries. People who love themselves welcome guarding themselves, their business, and their hearts from others. Monitor your interaction with others and intentionally categorize relationships and be constantly aware of where people you interact with fall in that category. Stay in that lane until the relationship changes and make adjustments if and when necessary.

 3) You Are Not Defeated By Rejection 

Ouch! Rejection hurts. Job rejection, relationship rejections, college rejection, etc. It’s natural to feel a bit despondent when you don’t get the desired end for something you were expecting. However, the key is not to be consumed by it. Become acquainted with who you are, realized your value and know that your regard for yourself is not dependent on another person or not being in an ideal situation.

Mastering appreciating how important you are to yourself is one of the wisest life decisions you can make because it shapes your thinking and your thinking determines your life’s path. It also comes with amazing benefits.

4) You Realize You Are Your Best Asset

One of the most enlightening moments on your self-love journey is realizing you are your best asset. Your appreciation for yourself is not determined by rejection, other people’s opinion of you, or your situation. You and your self-development become your best asset. As situations present themselves you can use them as opportunities to grow and become a better you. As you continue to better yourself, this improved you is what you present to the world. You make efforts to become a more resourceful version of yourself and are more likely to get the results you want in life.

5) Your Path Becomes Clearer

I like this one the best. Having been a former individual. I can attest to the fact that the more you love yourself, the clearer your path becomes. When you put your well-being at the forefront, decisions become a lot more focused and you are able to choose what is not only most beneficial to you but what will make you the happiest. When you make right decisions, you achieve your goals faster and your life starts looking like how you always imagined it to be!

loving you

6) You Create Healthy Habits

In our self-love journey, we often focus on every other aspect but our physical health. However, our health is directly related to our love for ourselves. The New Year is approaching and many people are making resolutions on being slim and trim, committing to daily workout an hour a day, diets, joining the gym and the like. The truth of the matter is that most people will not stick to these resolutions. It’s important that you set realistic goals that you know you can attain easily and then work your way forward. Incorporate one or two healthy habits at a time. If you can do an hour’s worth of workout a day and stick to it, cheers! For those who can’t try ten minutes a day in the beginning.

Another thing you can do is work healthy eating habits into your diet. I have recently incorporated this into my self-love journey. This includes green smoothies , bone broth, and eating healthier foods in general. These changes are very doable for me and I do not feel overwhelmed. I find that when I feel overwhelmed I am easy to quit. Do what works for you, but make sure it is realistic so that you will stick to it.

Though it should come naturally, the complexity of the world we live in doesn’t make loving ourselves easy. It is our job to become intentional about our holistic well-being and maintaining our happiness. By doing some self-analyzation and incorporating the steps above, I believe we can all be on a path to becoming a better version of ourselves and being apart of the best love story there is, self-love.

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7 thoughts on “Self-Love Is The Best Love: 6 Benefits To Loving Yourself 1st

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  4. Nekecher Ryner

    I agree with you in this entire post. We must always put ourselves first. We live in a world where people think its selfish when you think about you alone. Thats not true. They have it all wrong. If they think about it. Taking care of yourself is a must. Not that we don’t care about others and their interest. Once we are able to do so, we will live a strong and healthy lifestyle. We will not weaken ourselves to please others. I myself don’t want to look run down and drain. I want to be happy.

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