The Power of “I’m Sorry” (For The Holidays): Three Ways Apologizing Can Free You; Body, Mind, and Soul

The holiday season is upon us. Many people are not talking to family or friends because of a suffered wrong or a wrong they have imposed on another. They refuse to see them or communicate with them because of the hurt they feel, the hurt they have inflicted, or a combination of both. When the situation is properly analyzed, what is really needed to remedy the situation is a simple, “I’m sorry”. However, pride stands in the way.

The truth is, “I’m sorry”, is not so ‘simple’ for a lot of people. It has become their elephant in the room. An elephant that has taken residence and has no intention of moving out. It’s time to evict that elephant!

In today’s society where self-development has become quite popular and a big industry within itself, more and more people are warming up to the benefits of apologizing. The reason for this is because righting wrong relationships is one of the biggest steps to becoming a better you.


Apologizing is a healing mechanism, mind, body, and soul. It provides freedom in all these areas and though there are many ways I can site, here are Three Ways Apologizing Can Free You:

Mind: Unresolved anger weighs on you and can cause you to be stressed, depressed, and anxious. When you say “I’m sorry” and mean it, you are able to release emotionally binding tension. Released tension leads to psychological health.

Body: Research has been done on apologizing and findings show apologizing steadies breathing, reduces blood pressure, and slows heart rates. The guilt we feel when we are remorseful can make us physically ill. I know, I’ve been there. Apologizing releases that pressure.

Soul: Our very being is affected by our willingness to apologize, or lack thereof. The little demons that hide in an unapologetic nature – being prideful, self-righteousness, and contemptuous – leads to a downward spiral of character destruction. Apologizing is a turning point and causes a shift in our nature that can only lead to a path of freedom!

Yes, it’s the holiday season. Now more than ever we should try to mend our wrongs to others. However, saying “I’m sorry” is something that should be practiced throughout the year and throughout our lives. Apologizing is not only for validating the other person and making them feel better, it is a gift of freedom we give ourselves. What better gift to give yourself this time of year than offering an apology where it’s needed?!

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