The Joys of Shea Butter (6 Ways in Which You Can Use Shea Butter and Save Money On Products)

I used to be a product junkie. Face, hair, and skin products were my addictions. I was always trying to find something that worked for me. My skin, it’s extremely dry! I always tested this skin moisturizer and that natural oil, etc. etc. My face, well I never had any serious problems with my face. I was, fortunately, one of those teenagers who didn’t have pimples and had pretty good skin (Please don’t curse me if you did, lol. My process was reversed as I do get pimples here and there now.). However, I was susceptible to whiteheads and oily skin in my t-zone. I would buy various face scrubs and moisturizers to keep these issues in check. Now my hair, well I had permed hair in high school and my hair was pretty much always “laid and and slayed”.  However, since then I have gone through a series of hairstyles. I have been natural for most of my post high school years, only reverting to texturizers and perms for very short periods.

I am not one of those naturals that will tell other women with my hair type (tightly coiled) to go natural because processed hair shows that you are not appreciative of who you are as a [black] person (or whatever color you are), etc. etc. etc. There are people of color who absolutely nothing or very little of [their] history, heritage, etc. Natural hair is a lot of work and I get so frustrated with mine. I get “fairy knots” (single strand knots) that drive me crazy! Cannot Stand It! So with that being said, do what works for you. Plus, this is not a natural hair post. So let’s get to those six reasons you can use shea butter so you don’t have to buy multiple products and essentially save money. For the sake of this post and the uses, I’m referring to the natural shea butter (pictured below), which is the one that I use.


  1. As A Skin Moisturizer: Shea butter comes from the Shea Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) found in various parts of central Africa. Due to its high fatty oil content, it is a great moisturizer and it retains moisture well in the skin. I use it everyday, and trust me you really can’t go wrong!
  2. Getting Rid of Dark Marks/Scars: If you are anything like me mosquitos love your blood and when you scratch their bites it leaves dark marks on your skin. Or maybe you have acne scars on your face or your body. Whatever the reason you have those potentially unattractive marks on your skin I have two words for you, shea butter, shea butter, shea butter! Okay, that was six words, but you get it. Now, shea butter takes time to lighten dark spots, however, I believe when it comes to your skin you need to be patient and gentle. Shea butter is not harsh and it will get the job done. Plus as it is lightening the marks, it is moisturizing your skin!
  3. As a Lip Conditioner: Whether before you apply lipstick, as a moisturizer before you go to bed to keep those lips soft, or just as a regular lip balm, shea butter is the way to go! Save your money on all those other brands and get a small empty container and put some shea butter in there. It is one of the best lip moisturizers out there. Trust this former product junkie! Plus it is a great source of vitamin E, which those dry lips need.
  4. As a Scalp Conditioner: Many people, especially naturals are against greasing your scalp. I am not. I know the difference applying scalp conditioners directly to my scalp can make.  I am not suggesting it for everyone. However, if you do grease your scalp, whatever your hair type or nationality, I definitely suggest shea butter as that scalp moisturizer. Back to those vitamins again. It not only has vitamins E, but it also has vitamins A and D. These are all needed on every part of your skin, including your scalp.
  5. As a Hair Moisturizer: I suggest this for naturals in particular. Take the shea butter and rub it in your hands until it turns to an oil, then rub it in your hair. It is a great hair moisturizer. (Yes, it being a great moisturizer has been used a lot in this post. LOL) Have you noticed that many of the hair products on the natural hair market has it’s main ingredients as shea butter????? Nuff said!
  6. Styling Your Hair: Sticking with those great hair benefits lets go to styling. You can use it in addition to another hair product to do twist styles for extra moisture and hold.

When you find a product that works and you can use it in various ways you are definitely on your way to saving some serious money! I am no longer a product junkie. I am actually a product minimalist now. The fewer products I see the happier I am. I am currently working my way through some old products I have and I grin when I see them going down, knowing that I will never buy them again. There are a few products I use in various ways, so stay tuned, another multi-use, money saving blog is coming soon! Oh, and btw, the uses I have listed are not the only ways you can use shea butter. If you Google it there is a number of other ways and DIY products that require shea butter and that you may find very useful!

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