Keep Writing No Matter What!

I really like that WordPress notifies you of your milestones. It is a really cool way to keep your motivation. A couple of weeks ago WordPress notified me that I had reached 50 Likes on this blog. It may not be many to some people but I was pretty excited! I started this blog a few years ago, but like many of us bloggers we may start the blog but putting up content, well that’s another story. Though I had written a few blog posts prior, it was just this past March, month end, that I decided that I would really be committed to this process. So most of the likes were gathered during this current go-round of blogging.

For a small time blogger, it can be very discouraging. Oftentimes, your stat page is not looking very sexy at all with ZERO, yes ZERO people having visited your site. If you are lucky a nice person may have mercy on you and decided to give your page some traction. LOL! I have decided whether no person, one person or ten persons read my posts I am going to keep on writing. I have committed to this process and I know with persistence I will get the readership I want. (Don’t get me wrong. Every day is not that bad and people do come to my page. Just making a point that not every day is gong to be a good day. Much of the time most days won’t be good days when you are starting out). Now, let’s be real. If you find yourself well into the process and very few people are reading your stuff then you may need to reassess your content. However, that all depends on the reason you are writing. There are many bloggers whose main focus is not gaining a large readership or building a network. For those of us whose who love to write, want to practice our writing, feels we have something to say, but also have these aforementioned goals, then we often need to do some blog assessment, writing assessment, and self-assessment.

finish what you start

With that being said, I plan to never give up on this process. I am assessing, analyzing, and persevering. One day that 50 likes will reach 100 likes, then 500 likes, and you never know, it may reach the millions! Thank you for those who read and to all of my current 18 followers! I appreciate every single one of you! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Thank You To Those Who Have Purchased My Inspirational Novel , Life As Josephine. It has been met with great reviews on the on both the Amazon US and UK sites!

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