To Sis, With Love – Among Friends

To Sis, 

My neck bent back in laughter. I gasped for air as my belly danced in joy among my sisters, my sister-friends. We sat at this beautifully crafted table ladened with delicately and lovingly prepared dishes. Beyond us was God’s masterpiece of flowing hills. It was not short of the shrubbery we relied on to provide us oxygen. 

Oxygen is what I so desperately needed among these friends who had me skinning my teeth. I was happy to be among such wisdom, such beauty, such experience. I was sitting among friends, among comrades, among kinfolk. I was creating memories. 

Sis, what a feeling, what a feeling, what a feeling, as I sat, as I listened, as I bore witness. I would forever remember this day I shared with these women and I impatiently wait for another.

With love

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