To Sis, With Love – Leaders Are What We Are

To Sis,

Sis, I stared out into my garden today just in time to see a mother hen swiftly walking past my tomatoes with two chicklings in close pursuit. Any other day I would shew them away, protecting my valuable crop, but today, today I stood and stared as they trotted through the garden sizing up what they can quickly dash away with. The babies making their recognizable chirping noise ensuring their mother that they were not too far behind. They were none the wiser that they had an intruder, an admirer. Yes, I admired that mother hen. Look at her as she leads her babies, her tribe. Look at those babies as they hurry to keep pace with her featured body. Mommy never wearied of me chasing her. Her intention was to feed those chicklings and she risked her life daily as she slyly made her way through the neighborhood yards collecting what she could along the way before the house owner came after her with a broom or a stone. 

Leaders are what we are Sis. It comes to us naturally. Our bodies erect, our steps sure, our head held high. Like mother hen, we are intentional. Our children, our community, our family, our friends, and our country look to us for direction. We were born to be leaders. We seek the necessary provision so that all those dependent on us can survive. Although it can be difficult sometimes Sis, I urge you to lead on. Do not be deterred. Look around. You have a whole tribe of mother hens, of strong women, leading with you!

With Love

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