Entrepreneurship: Just Do It! Quick encouragement for entrepreneurial women

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You must recondition your mind to thank that it is not unusual to start a business. Society makes us think that the odd thing to do is to start a business. Start thinking that the odd thing FOR YOU to do is to work for someone else. Start thinking that you are not designed to work for someone else for the rest of your life. Start thinking that YOUR NORM is to be a business owner. Tell yourself this every day and you will start seeing yourself as an entrepreneur.


We tend to want to get validation from others about our business ideas. It’s understandable because we are human and we need some level of validation. However, it’s not necessary to tell everyone our business ideas. Learn who to tell and how much to tell them. Get a sense of their personality and character (if you haven’t yet). From this you would see if their opinions and advice will be constructive (even if you are not in agreement with it) or whether they are just hating. I have found that some of the most negative people are those who already have their own business.


If you are anything like me you think things over and over and over. You write your plans down and rewrite them and then write them down again. This is type of pattern reflects that you second guess yourself. You are never confident of your decisions. The truth of the matter is that no one is 100% confident of their decisions 100% of the time. From the CEO to the owner of the corner store. You have to start somewhere. Fight through the fear and do it afraid. JUST DO IT!

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