A Phenomenal Woman

Recently, I interviewed Ms. Cheryl Johnson. Well, I emailed her some interview questions, being that we reside in different countries and all. Amidst her already scheduled vacation and the pressures of a new semester she took time out to answer the questions. Thanks Chreyl!

Cheryl is what I refer to as a phenomenal woman. She played a major part in my journey into womanhood. We went to college together and I was a part of a very dynamic sisterhood group she started.  She taught us the foundation of becoming very impressive (phenomenal) women. We were the Phenomenal Sisterhood. I’m not sure if she knows this, but I secretly admired her. Her beautiful locs that hung below her shoulder, her perfectly made face, the way she dressed, the  way  she carried herself. It seemed that she knew a secret about womanhood she wanted our sisterhood to find out. A secret that she knew would be revealed with life experience and the challenges it presented. I would think, over ten years after the Phenomenal Sisterhood, I may have figured out some of those hidden truths of being a woman. I find it an honor to have conducted this interview with my first mentor:

Who Is Cheryl Johnson?

That is not an easy question but I will do my best to answer it. I, like most women, am a complicated multifaceted person that wants to live a meaningful purpose driven life. I am 35 years old and as I come into my own I am evolving into a black feminist, a champion for justice and equality not just for women of color but for everyone. I am an extremely introspective extrovert. I grew up in dysfunction that could be an urban novel bestseller yet I’ve always been a hopeful person that could see past my circumstances. I’ve always been a dreamer, I believe that everyone has a story and we are all responsible to make the better choices that get us to our happy ending.

What do you think your divine purpose is on this Earth?

I am fascinated with a great many things from the arts to psychology but my main passion is empowering those that need it the most, as well as supporting those that empower themselves and others. I strongly believe an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I believe that life is a joyful gift to experience and share, and injustice or inequalities often steal that joy from those who are often underprivileged from the start. I am somewhat of a practical prophet. I have, what some have called, a gift of seeing the psychological soul. Actually, I am just pretty intuitive about relationships, namely the relationship one has with him or herself. I believe that everything in life is advanced and hindered by our ability to choose, cultivate and maintain healthy relationships be it personal or professional.

What path have you taken to fulfill that purpose?

Years ago I hosted a college workshop for women’s empowerment to share some of the pieces of wisdom that have been gifted to me throughout my life, this workshop evolved into a group that I conducted for years. While there were limits on the growth and progression of that group it gave me life direction. I understood that I am a strong leader and I can affect positive change in the lives of others. I am back in school now to get my degree in Psychology and Multimedia Journalism (double major). I am currently building my brand as a life coach and public figure. I am starting a website and YouTube talk show that I hope will one day become

a nationally broadcast television talk show.


“I understood that I am a strong leader and I can affect positive change in the lives of others.”

How d

oes that purpose relate to other women and the building of sisterhood?


I plan to connect with women on a national and hopefully global scale to encourage and guide them towards their own goals and in the process bring together a network of powerful, successful, psychologically healthy women.



Do you feel women need to encourage other women more? If so why and how can women go about doing so?

I believe that is necessary for women to encourage each other whenever possible. I think the first step it to work on self-love because you can better see the potential in others when you see it in yourself. We need to feel free to love ourselves unapologetically then we can share that love and confidence with each other. “Do unto others…” only works when you want only the best for yourself.

“..we need to feel free to love ourselves unapologetically”

How do you make intentional efforts to encourage other women?



make every effort to build the confidence of other women, unlimited compliments and supporting their goals. Constructive criticism and honest guidance when they are doing things that are beneath their dignity and character. I have very high standards for everyone and as a close friend of mine always says I “reject mediocrity”.


Well Cheryl, all  I have to say is “You go girl!”

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