The Purpose Driven Path…

They say, “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” It’s also said, “The journey is the destination.”

Logically speaking, life is a journey because it keeps going, in stages. The only end to the physical life is death. When you  believe you have arrived to an end, what many  call a destination, change happens leading to another set of decisions to make. The journey continues. Truly, the journey never ended.

If you think about it, to live your best life, your journey, your path, should be as purposeful as possible. If your main focus is your end goal, your desired destination, which is something that can possible change or be interrupted, you will miss out on living. Living is always based in the present, the path. The desired destination, the future, is not promised.

So I encourage you my sister (my brother), live intentionally everyday.  Make  your decisions based on living your best life in the present. If your path is purposeful then no matter when you physically leave this earth, your life would have been purposeful.

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